AnaNOitch - Double Strength.
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AnaNOitch: A natural remedy to STOP anal itching.
Double the strength of AnaNOitch for the people who have been suffering for a sometime and for people whom want to get rid of the itch fast. It comes in a 4 oz bottle.

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*Anal itching (Pruritus ani) is a common ailment many people suffer from. The main symptom is the irritation of the skin at the exit of the rectum, known as the anus, causing the desire to scratch. The intensity of anal itching increases from moisture, pressure, and rubbing caused by clothing and sitting. At worst, anal itching causes intolerable discomfort that often is accompanied by burning and soreness. Anal itching can be caused by irritating chemicals in the foods we eat, such as spices, hot sauces, and peppers. Other problems that cause anal itching include pinworms, hemorrhoids, tears of the anal skin (fissures). (Source - Mayo Clinic report)

There are many internal and external causes for vaginal itching. AnaNOitch is an external remedy that will help with the "external" vaginal itching.

* Anti itch remedy to STOP anal itching and general body itching!